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        The new extension of super high speed steel bar production line, can 50m/s speed rolling of φ 8~ φ 20 straight, the annual output of 500000 ton

        Tianjin Best Control Electromechanical Science & Technology Co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise located in Tianjin New Technology Industrial park. The company was founded in 2004, in the light, machine, electricity product development, design and automation systems engineering design, production and debugging, has the abundant technical force and high mechanical manufacturing and processing and the level of. With reliable quality, good reputation, perfect pre-sale consultation and after sale service, wholeheartedly provide satisfactory products for the majority of users. The company based on the domestic and international high-tech swallow anything and everything, policy, and actively develop for the market, to meet user needs new technology, new product. The company's business ability includes automatic control engineering project field of metallurgy, chemical industry, water treatment, environmental protection and energy saving

        Company name: Tianjin Best Control Electromechanical Science & Technology Co., LTD
        Contact person: Mr.weng 13602065306
                               Mr.Zhao 13802137795
                               Mr.liu 13920290611

        Tel: 022-27535140/45-8008
        Fax: 022-83750032
        E-mail address: bj20010315@163.com

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